September 4, 2018

|| Glossier Skincare Edit Review ||

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend... (internally yelling at my self) What did I promise you all? Haan? What did I promise? do you guys know? I will recall your memory ..... I promised one blogpost everyday in the month of august... and what did I do... I gave you one blogpost for the month of august..... :( While I apologize for this... I also want you guys to know that my wrist injury has just been in a critical place and I was trying my best to recover from it as soon as possible while every single night before going to bed, I would literally cry myself into bed because I was so disappointed that I could not type and was just in pain.

Anyhow, enough of me rambling now.. I am glad that for once and all I have my wrist sorted and I am back to normal schedule from this month and would kick off my schedule with my glossier skincare edit review

Well to begin with, I was so impressed by all the glossier girls out there and shoutout to everyone who has that perfect skin to be a glossier girl cause for me personally the result of skincare part of it was a complete disappointment based on all the products that I tried and heres why....


I bought the glossier Body Hero body wash and the milky jelly cleanser from this category. I was super duper excited to try both these products, cause from all the amazing glossier girls out there, I had heard such amazing things about them. Unfortunately, neither of them particularly impressed me. The good thing about the face wash was "it did not break me out". which is always a good thing, however,  the con was it did not do anything at all to my face. which is why I was not impressed with it. I barely even felt like it cleansed my face well, it may partially be due to the fact that I am not use to applying a lot of balm cleansers to my face. However, I am not particularly impressed by it.

Coming to the body wash, now, my sister really likes this product, she did think like with use it did not make her skin that dry once she was out of the shower. However, for me, the problem that I have with this is its artificial smell. It smells way too chemical for my liking and I also did not feel like it made my skin any less dry once I was out of the shower.

So in conclusion, both these products are not the ones that I have stopped using, but when they are over, I will definitely not be restocking on them.


In the serum range, they have three serums and to test this range, I obviously bought all 3 of them. So, there is super glow which is supposed to have vitamin c in it and if you dont know then vitamin c is used for brightening the skin to make it look all glowy. Then there is super bounce which has hyaluronic acid in it, and hyaluronic acid is used on rough skin to smooth the texture of your skin.
And finally there is a super pure which has niacinamide and zinc, both of which are supposed to reduce redness and are suggested for an acne prone skin. 

I was so chaffed about all three of them initially, however, all of them broke my skin and gave me the worrssstt breakouts. The super pure serum left such a bad skin reaction to my face, that I am bearing the consequences to this date. I mean my dad is a person who never talks about my skin with me, and after the skin reaction when I was talking to him, even he was like "Are you stressed? Did you change your diet? what happened overnight, your skin looks very angry at you"

To give you a little background on my skin, I have textured, acne prone dry skin which is also kind of sensitive (has anyone given you a more confused description for a skin type)  , acne is something I have had since a long as I can remember. However, my skin will usually give me a breakout or 2 here and there once a while or around the time of the month. Using these serums just changed that as my face was suddenly full of large painful pimples. :( 

Additionally, I also did try the glossier solution and that broke me out too, and it was brutal as well similar to the serum situation.

Other products that I did not try in the skincare range are the glossier masks and the moisturizer, I have heard pretty mixed reviews about them myself, but, since I did not try them on my face, I would not like to conclude or comment about it.

*please note that this is my personal experience after using the products, it absolutely does not mean that the skincare range for glossier is bad or anything, lets just conclude by saying that I am just not a glossier skincare girl.

However, I want to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to the Glossier team!!! The reason for this is, I did reach out to them saying that, Hey! I did order these serums and they were harsh on my skin and I wanted to lookout for return policy if any... and the team was absolutely kind and so so so professional. First of all, they replied to my email immediately and then issued the refund instantly in their reply without any further clarifications, photos or questions. I was really amazed at that experience... so thank you GLOSSIER!!!

I would love to know if you have tried glossier skincare, what has or has not worked for you, do comment down below and I will look forward to check out your recommendations as well.

Until next time pretty women.....

Love you ALL!




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|| Glossier Skincare Edit Review ||

Hello Lovelies, Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend... (internally yelling at my self) What did I promise you all? Haan? What did...

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