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October 17, 2021

Hello Sanjeevani 2.0


Hello! and welcome back, Thank you for taking the time to read through this..
No matter the way I start this post, it's not going to justify my radio silence; so, I decided to be as candid and honest as possible.  This space has not seen any activity in the past over 3 years at this point. WOW! Time truly flies.. :)
When I last wrote and scribbled things here, I was really all over the place with my lifestyle in 2018 and fell into uncertain things one after another. In the beginning this space truly proved my escape to just let go and forget everything else that was going on in the real 3 dimensional world I was living in and provided me with the right amount of escape that I genuinely needed at the time. My instagram and blog account truly saved me from just losing the will to get ready everyday in the morning, it boosted me to getup and face the reality, face the unknowns and face it like a brave woman. 

I started journaling in my instagram story one positive motivation story every Sunday, sometimes two to five times in a week if I needed to, but, it boosted me to get up and get moving. Wish I could hug each one of you who is feeling a little lost, a little anxious and a little sad while reading this. But, trust me you beautiful person, it only gets better when you hit those hard times in life. You just stay through the bad currents patiently and your time will capture you soon :) 

Thats really it, prioritizing my mental space and mental health became extremely important for me at this point and hence, I was on a hiatus longer than I or anyone else around me expected. But, it is what was needed for me to get back to this headspace that I enjoy.  


After 2018, I began my year in 2019 preparing for my wedding and getting married to the man who has stood by me like a rock throughout my uncertain times and still continues to love me immensely and supports me every single day/night. I don't want to sound like an extremely cringed person, but, I was genuinely focusing on being married, enjoying all our first's post the wedding and just focusing on not worrying about the future too much and just on staying happy and present in the moment.  I truly needed this time to feel all the love around me and just dissolve myself in it. 


From 2019 when we moved into 2020, I don't need to explain anymore or less of a year to any of you as y'all know and have witnessed the challenges, hurdles, uncertainties and ups and downs we are currently facing and will continue to face until this is behind us. Just like most people in the world, I have been facing challenges in my personal and professional life during this year and a half as well. Every single thing from washing your face to wearing pants or clothes in general became optional in this period. As a result of these uncertainties, I truly fell out of love with looking forward to trends, beauty, skin care.. you name it. Just about everything except breathing and eating :) 


While I have truthfully updated you all with everything thats going on in my life so far, I want to be realistic with what to expect going forward. While we are moving extremely fast paced with the content that we consume, whether it is with 15/30 second jumping outfit transformations on reels/TikTok or satisfying beauty and skincare routines or the ever so entertaining dancing videos. I don't know if keeping up with trends is going to be something for me. I mean yeah, you may see me jump on a trend bandwagon every now and then, but, for the most part, we remain chill and believe in doing our own thing here. I am not a very cool person in real life and I do not want to be a trend starter or a viral TikTok/Reel follower on social media as well. Because, that would not be my personality but, would be something I show or do just for views. lol. I KNOW! Me talking about views is funny even to write, cause, if I was that greedy, I would have never prioritized other responsibilities in life and would have just continued focus on increasing views. 

Anyway, after this long ramble, let's talk about what to expect? I really want to use my blog as my shop page, where you come and find all the links of the OOTDs or any other accessories I like or support. This is especially important to me as, every platform will have its own algorithm and will keep changing what's hot and what's not! But, this space is my own, its made by me and built by me. Hence, no algorithms can ever impact what we do here. 

I truly thank you all for your kind support if you are reading through this.  I hope and wish for the world to be a better place every single day. I will hopefully see you all soon, soon, soon! 

Lots of love to each one of you ! 

- Hello Sanjeevani


September 4, 2018

|| Glossier Skincare Edit Review ||

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend... (internally yelling at my self) What did I promise you all? Haan? What did I promise? do you guys know? I will recall your memory ..... I promised one blogpost everyday in the month of august... and what did I do... I gave you one blogpost for the month of august..... :( While I apologize for this... I also want you guys to know that my wrist injury has just been in a critical place and I was trying my best to recover from it as soon as possible while every single night before going to bed, I would literally cry myself into bed because I was so disappointed that I could not type and was just in pain.

Anyhow, enough of me rambling now.. I am glad that for once and all I have my wrist sorted and I am back to normal schedule from this month and would kick off my schedule with my glossier skincare edit review

Well to begin with, I was so impressed by all the glossier girls out there and shoutout to everyone who has that perfect skin to be a glossier girl cause for me personally the result of skincare part of it was a complete disappointment based on all the products that I tried and heres why....


I bought the glossier Body Hero body wash and the milky jelly cleanser from this category. I was super duper excited to try both these products, cause from all the amazing glossier girls out there, I had heard such amazing things about them. Unfortunately, neither of them particularly impressed me. The good thing about the face wash was "it did not break me out". which is always a good thing, however,  the con was it did not do anything at all to my face. which is why I was not impressed with it. I barely even felt like it cleansed my face well, it may partially be due to the fact that I am not use to applying a lot of balm cleansers to my face. However, I am not particularly impressed by it.

Coming to the body wash, now, my sister really likes this product, she did think like with use it did not make her skin that dry once she was out of the shower. However, for me, the problem that I have with this is its artificial smell. It smells way too chemical for my liking and I also did not feel like it made my skin any less dry once I was out of the shower.

So in conclusion, both these products are not the ones that I have stopped using, but when they are over, I will definitely not be restocking on them.


In the serum range, they have three serums and to test this range, I obviously bought all 3 of them. So, there is super glow which is supposed to have vitamin c in it and if you dont know then vitamin c is used for brightening the skin to make it look all glowy. Then there is super bounce which has hyaluronic acid in it, and hyaluronic acid is used on rough skin to smooth the texture of your skin.
And finally there is a super pure which has niacinamide and zinc, both of which are supposed to reduce redness and are suggested for an acne prone skin. 

I was so chaffed about all three of them initially, however, all of them broke my skin and gave me the worrssstt breakouts. The super pure serum left such a bad skin reaction to my face, that I am bearing the consequences to this date. I mean my dad is a person who never talks about my skin with me, and after the skin reaction when I was talking to him, even he was like "Are you stressed? Did you change your diet? what happened overnight, your skin looks very angry at you"

To give you a little background on my skin, I have textured, acne prone dry skin which is also kind of sensitive (has anyone given you a more confused description for a skin type)  , acne is something I have had since a long as I can remember. However, my skin will usually give me a breakout or 2 here and there once a while or around the time of the month. Using these serums just changed that as my face was suddenly full of large painful pimples. :( 

Additionally, I also did try the glossier solution and that broke me out too, and it was brutal as well similar to the serum situation.

Other products that I did not try in the skincare range are the glossier masks and the moisturizer, I have heard pretty mixed reviews about them myself, but, since I did not try them on my face, I would not like to conclude or comment about it.

*please note that this is my personal experience after using the products, it absolutely does not mean that the skincare range for glossier is bad or anything, lets just conclude by saying that I am just not a glossier skincare girl.

However, I want to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to the Glossier team!!! The reason for this is, I did reach out to them saying that, Hey! I did order these serums and they were harsh on my skin and I wanted to lookout for return policy if any... and the team was absolutely kind and so so so professional. First of all, they replied to my email immediately and then issued the refund instantly in their reply without any further clarifications, photos or questions. I was really amazed at that experience... so thank you GLOSSIER!!!

I would love to know if you have tried glossier skincare, what has or has not worked for you, do comment down below and I will look forward to check out your recommendations as well.

Until next time pretty women.....

Love you ALL!




August 1, 2018

A/W 2018 top trends

Hello dearest people,

 I sincerely apologize for the delay between blogposts. I have been dealing with an hand injury, which unfortunately even after this long wait, has not recovered completely... but is MUCH BETTER. Thank You to all of you for your lovely messages on my instagram. 😚 If you do not follow me on my instagram, you definitely should.. I vibe a more raw version of my daily self there. The handle is @hellosanjeevani. 

 Anyway, to end my ramble, let me start with telling you more about the title of the blog. I know I know I know, you girls are going to look at this and be like.. its peak summer babe aka 1st August.. why are you getting us into Autumn trends already. 

 The answer to your question is all the trends always come out a season ahead and with Fashion weeks just over, its time to welcome the new trends and also look at what was passed on from the previous season.

 I have matched these trends by looking into a lot of fashion week shows online and also by reading them, along with looking at looks from our very beloved high street or as I love to call it fast fashion.

 I hope you all find this post and also all the trend pieces finds informative.

 Trend #1: 

 Man oh man! where do I begin? This trend has been ruling the market for a long time now, and is also going to be one of the biggest best seller trends for autumn winter, from bags, shoes to clothing to now even in jewelry pieces, and vivid accessories that you can think of.. this trend has been incorporated.

 These are few of my favorite pieces from fast fashion.. I just love this word 😀
These are just forcibly restricted to 5, cause I honestly just wanted to link the entire topshop website for this. *teeeeheeee*

1. Dress (Zara)
2. Top (Topshop)
3. Jacket (Topshop)
4. Dress (Asos)
5. Cardigan(Asos)

 Trend #2: 

 Continuing from Spring/ Summer, Autumn/Winter is also going to be all about experimenting the color, get those red boots you saw on sale. or that neon sweater or a yellow coat.. cause babe, you are so going to be in style  <3

 Picking up few favorites in this trend:
1. Blue top (Zara)
2. Red top (Zara)
3. Pink Top (topshop)
4. Yellow top (Asos)
5. Orange Sweatshirt (Asos)

 Trend #3:

 This trend has been really coming in and out, and come Autumn, this is going to be a hit definitely. Anything that is embellished and blinging, sequence is going to be a on trend.
And as per usual, please see some of my top picks

1. Silver Top (Zara)
2. Silver Dress (currently on sale on Zara)
3. Silver jumpsuit (Topshop)
4. Bandeau Dress (Topshop)
5. Silver shoes (Topshop)

 Trend #4:

 I literally cannot insist enough about the Tan/Rust color trend. If you look at shirts, sweaters and shoes, pants, even co-ord sets are made in this color trend.
Click your way below if you fancy this trend, Sorry but all the really cool pieces were only from Zara that I particularly fancied.

1. Top (Zara)
2. Sweater (Zara) 
3. Dress (Zara)
4. Pants (Zara)
5. Dress (Zara)

 Trend #5:

 If only the picture print was not clear, this is THE BIGGEST trend of A/W 2018, inspired by all those silk scarf patchworks turning into quilt prints. Now this trend is all over the clothing line.
Here are some of my top picks

1. Midi Dress (Zara)
2. Short Dress (Zara)
3. Maxi Dress (Zara)
4. Midi Skirt (&other stories)
5. Jumpsuit (Asos)

 There are so many other trends that are a hit, however, I added these 5 as my version of top trends. I hope you all found this informative, you will definitely see me incorporate more of these trends in the upcoming blogposts all through winter.

 Let me know which ones are your top trends amongst the ones mentioned.

Lots of love,

July 29, 2018

Lets Catch Up...

 Hello last Sunday of July. Time has really been flying around. It seems like few weeks ago I started my 2018, and now in a split second.. here I am.. entering my birthday month in 2 days (My birthday is in August)

 I was initially going to write a blog post about some other topic that I had in my head, however, I decided to give you all lovelies a little catchup on what I have been up to in my absence on this blog since May.


 It is like where do I begin on this subject, since the start of this year I have constantly had pain in my right hands wrist here and there. But the pain would go away in a few hours/days and I just kept on procrastinating on visiting the doctor. More so, because I did not want toffee that something might not be okay with it. At 27, you do not expect someone to be such an idiot. But here I am... here I AM. Obviously as expected, around May, my pain increased so much that basic activities to get through my day were impossible to achieve. So, I finally decided to stop using my head and go visit a doctor and he mentioned that I have a wrist injury. I have been getting a PT (physical therapy) treatment on that since May. My hand is a lot better now and I can do all my chores and also can type as much as I want. However, the range of motion in my wrist is still recovering. It is definitely a long process....

Anyway,  the most important learning message that I have for all you lovelies after my terrible 3 month absence is to NEVER ignore slightest of health symptoms, always prioritize your health first over work or just life basically. Cause even though in the moment you would feel like that dinner party is more important or that you need to get this thing done.. but, in the long run you will regret that decision most certainly. Because nothing comes before your health and wellbeing. Trust me... These 3 months definitely made me realize not to take my health lightly ever again.


 I am sure I have not discussed this before with you all, but while I could not move my hand even if a mosquito was biting me, I was also suppose to move during the same time (for anyone wondering, I was renting an apartment and yes I still am only renting).. I know... lucky me. 👧
 But, bless my entire family!! They literally came running to me and have basically been sorting my jhuujhhzz for the last few weeks. I am still in the middle of settling into my new place plus getting it instagrammable ready. Not sure how long will that go on for, but if and when I am happy with a few parts of my house, I will hopefully start posting more house update content as well.



Entering my birthday month, I want to put-up a blogpost every single day for 31 days or every other day. I have not entirely decided yet, but definitely planning on uploading frequently here so that you all can enjoy more content often. I am also thinking of starting a new weekly lifestyle post which would each include a motivational message as well, because, during my bad days, I am definitely way too positive and I would love to spread the message with y'all as well. Health and fitness in august will also take priority, as I have derailed myself from this for a long time now. Working out in the morning is a new feeling to me and something I have dreamt of incorporating for a very long time. But it is definitely time I stop day dreaming and make it a reality!

Finally, I want to know more from you, have you all angels missed me. Are there any topics that you want to see more from me, do let me know in the comments below

Love you babes,



May 6, 2018

My Summer Passione

 I tend to go into my own deep shell as it starts getting colder, the less the light outside, the less you will find me on the streets, but Spring/Summer is favorite time of the year since moving to the US. In India I was all about the rainy season as that was the time I felt the most active and happy (more so because everyone had to travel and walk a lot due to the water logging all around 😁) 

 'Scent' play a big role in keeping that chirpy and happy feeling going all through the day/night or it can even comfort/uplift your mood instantly. Finding that right scent is a difficult task, there are millions of florals, musky, fruity tones available in the market. For me personally its an instant feeling of choice, the moment I try out the tester in any shop or smell the samplers in the magazine and if I feel any of the sensations I mentioned above, I am SOLD. I know that scent is for me and I will stay loyal to the bottle for as long. 

 The scents that I generally love are sparkling floral and fruity scents with a slight musky, but nothing too sweet or candy like. The new Armani Si Passione is a combination of all those notes that I have always wanted in a perfume and I have smelled them separately but never together in a bottle.

 The best way for me to describe the bottle is by saying that its the perfect feminine scent. It is a fruity, floral scent but with notes of woody vanilla and rose. This Eau de Parfum generates varied textures from its vibrant red colored bottle, making it very floral and poised during the day and sexy and full of passion as the day moves to night. I have studied a few Armani runways and I have always observed that their collections are unusually sensuous yet classic and something that make women feel like a complete girl boss. And this scent is exactly that to me, it smells super luxurious and makes me feel confident and beautiful. 

 Armani Si is a collection that has been going on for a long time and out of all the different types of Si perfumes, 'Si Passione' is definitely my perfect scent that I have discovered.  

What are your choices of notes in your perfect scent. Do let me know in the comments below. 


May 2, 2018

The only Zara bag you need

    Believe me I have had a LOT of experience in finding the affordable perfect bag to carry out everywhere that is on trend yet classic. whether its used just for going out to get groceries or it is going out on those very rare occasions when I am outside my house after 9 pm 😀

    And this search has costed me both in terms of money and time to find that perfect version of my bag. However, look no further girls, I have found my dream bag and its by Zara (mini city bag). The bag is both spacious plus chic. I have been carrying it everywhere with me since I bought it (day and night). The bag has two main compartments, that are protected by a magnetic clasp and also a chain compartment on the front. Additionally, it also has a long cross body strap and is comfortably long that it can be carried as a cross body bag or just hung on the side of the shoulders (I am 5'3" for reference). It also has a fixed top handle, which in my belief, is the best thing of the bag.

    Top handle bags literally were everywhere since A/W '17, and the trend continues to grow even in S/S '18. Zara has always been like the high street version for replicating everything luxury. And this bag in my personal opinion looks a lot like the Louis Vuitton Capucines bag in BB size. And believe it or not but when I walked into the Louis Vuitton store with this bag, the SA was like, "love your Capucines!!!" and I was like, "umm... nope its not Louis Vuitton" and he was so embarrassed and I could relate to that... and instantly *attempted* to lighten the mood by saying, "yup, thats what even I thought and so I bought it.. but looks like I was fooled too (and pointed to the original Capucines bag)" but some things just can't be reversed.. he just was too upset to react and walked away.....  

    Even though I have the bag in black color, since the time this bag has come out, Zara is now selling this bag in red too. And I think both the colors are perfect to be worn in Spring/Summer as well as Autumn/Winter. You can style it so many ways and it goes with skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses literally everything....

Let me know which is your favorite zara bag or any other special bag that you always carry with you. From everyday use to going out occasions. :)



April 29, 2018

Soft Matte for Dry is literally Velvet


I am not a person who loves to wear makeup every single day... the lazy girl inside me barely pushes myself for a complete skincare routine and then thats it... I am ready to step out of the door in my super glam bare face :) ... 

But this foundation has completely changed the makeup game for me. I am talking about none other than the Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Foundation [The shade I wear is 300]. First of all, for a brand that is a new launch in the beauty market, the packaging is a-m-a-z-i-n-g... Its a sturdy packaged foundation bottle, also most of the foundations are 30 ml in size. However, this is 32 ml in size and priced so well for its awesomeness. (It retails for $32 USD) 

Now I am a dry skin gal, completely. I have tried wearing matte foundations in the past and they just crack all over my face, and itch my skin so bad... that I need days and days of no makeup makeup to recover from it. However, even though the fenty beauty foundation is supposed to be matte, it is not like a full on matte look on my skin, it is literally like the name says a soft matte look and just looks so amazing on my skin that I have added this to my wedding makeup basket for sure. I don't know how have they achieved this finish but it just looks velvety, soft matte and the coverage being buildable between medium to full. 

One something I always swear by before I apply any foundation literally, but, more specifically with matte foundations is to use an oil base in my skincare regime. So, after I cleanse my face and apply my serum and eye cream, I have started using this radiance oil by AMOREPACIFIC. Now this is definitely an investment as the oil is not cheap and I completely realize that, however, it is the first oil that is calming on my skin and gives me an awesome glow along with adding the punch of hydration without breaking me out at all. Once the oil really sinks into my skin after a couple minutes, I apply my moisturizer which is, always the ultra repair cream by FAB cosmetics. This is one moisturizer that I have been using since forever. Literally from Autumn to Spring, this is always on my face both morning and evening. 

This face that you see is after I was wearing the foundation already for 6 hours and as you can see the foundation did not move at all, I was also so happy with the coverage and finish on my face, that, for the first time I wore just my foundation. That just goes to say how amazing the product is.

One thing full coverage foundations tend to do is they make you look very one dimensional (though I did not go full full coverage that day), hence, I applied glossier cloud paint in the shade beam. I am not a fan of powder blushes and prefer them in liquid format. And this paint is the worlds most perfect peachy coral blush.

I am sorry girls but this is my honest review about the foundation and I have nothing bad to say about it whatsoever. Everything from the awesome packaging to the large and varied array of 40 shades to the finish and finally to coverage.. I JUST LOVE. Rihanna, big thumbs up on this from me.

This summer I am definitely all fenty for my base and under its full coverage umbrella.... ella.... ella.... elllaaaa... eeee....

Definitely let me know your thoughts on the foundation review and what do you personally think about the fenty beauty range, is there anything else from them that pleases your face? Look forward to reading all the comments..

Have a lovely sunday xx...


Hello Sanjeevani 2.0

WHATS HAPPENED TO THIS SPACE?  Hello! and welcome back, Thank you for taking the time to read through this.. No matter the way I start this ...

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