July 29, 2018

Lets Catch Up...

 Hello last Sunday of July. Time has really been flying around. It seems like few weeks ago I started my 2018, and now in a split second.. here I am.. entering my birthday month in 2 days (My birthday is in August)

 I was initially going to write a blog post about some other topic that I had in my head, however, I decided to give you all lovelies a little catchup on what I have been up to in my absence on this blog since May.


 It is like where do I begin on this subject, since the start of this year I have constantly had pain in my right hands wrist here and there. But the pain would go away in a few hours/days and I just kept on procrastinating on visiting the doctor. More so, because I did not want toffee that something might not be okay with it. At 27, you do not expect someone to be such an idiot. But here I am... here I AM. Obviously as expected, around May, my pain increased so much that basic activities to get through my day were impossible to achieve. So, I finally decided to stop using my head and go visit a doctor and he mentioned that I have a wrist injury. I have been getting a PT (physical therapy) treatment on that since May. My hand is a lot better now and I can do all my chores and also can type as much as I want. However, the range of motion in my wrist is still recovering. It is definitely a long process....

Anyway,  the most important learning message that I have for all you lovelies after my terrible 3 month absence is to NEVER ignore slightest of health symptoms, always prioritize your health first over work or just life basically. Cause even though in the moment you would feel like that dinner party is more important or that you need to get this thing done.. but, in the long run you will regret that decision most certainly. Because nothing comes before your health and wellbeing. Trust me... These 3 months definitely made me realize not to take my health lightly ever again.


 I am sure I have not discussed this before with you all, but while I could not move my hand even if a mosquito was biting me, I was also suppose to move during the same time (for anyone wondering, I was renting an apartment and yes I still am only renting).. I know... lucky me. 👧
 But, bless my entire family!! They literally came running to me and have basically been sorting my jhuujhhzz for the last few weeks. I am still in the middle of settling into my new place plus getting it instagrammable ready. Not sure how long will that go on for, but if and when I am happy with a few parts of my house, I will hopefully start posting more house update content as well.



Entering my birthday month, I want to put-up a blogpost every single day for 31 days or every other day. I have not entirely decided yet, but definitely planning on uploading frequently here so that you all can enjoy more content often. I am also thinking of starting a new weekly lifestyle post which would each include a motivational message as well, because, during my bad days, I am definitely way too positive and I would love to spread the message with y'all as well. Health and fitness in august will also take priority, as I have derailed myself from this for a long time now. Working out in the morning is a new feeling to me and something I have dreamt of incorporating for a very long time. But it is definitely time I stop day dreaming and make it a reality!

Finally, I want to know more from you, have you all angels missed me. Are there any topics that you want to see more from me, do let me know in the comments below

Love you babes,




  1. Beautiful look babe! Moving is honestly the most stressful thing ever!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. Thanks Lisa, it sure is :) glad you liked the post :)


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